Notes:I decided to do some more comics about Jimmy going to school seeing as I was in the college newspaper. However to really effectively do this I needed someone for Jimmy to talk to. As I typically do when I need a character, I started just drawing stuff randomly until I came up with a face. I finially found something that I liked with a big nose and a hat covering the eyes. It was at that point that I realized thatt before, back in Revelations. Which made for a problem. All of that group was dead. I couldn't just make him have a new friend who happened to look identical to an old one. Nor could I Just pretend that the whole thing had never happened. Yet I liked how he looked(specifically how easy he was to draw) and that sort of blithe foolishness he demonstraited.

So, Bob is back and about the same as before.

Anyway, since I was going to be doing some strips for the paper, I was using his type of diolouge to give the idea that Jimmy was a necromancer and such.