Notes: It is definitely time to get things moving. You might not notice this from the strip, of course, seeing as I wander off for half the panels, then get back only to move ever so slowly towards the problem. But it wouldn't be fun if everything just worked now would it.

You might be surprised that Dr. RoboFunkinstien is actually more than a bit part. Well, maybe not so much so after the last strip, but he certainly holds a lot of the aspects of a one gag character like Stabby McStab, with a particular twist of name being one of those things. Actually, it is quite odd that he's here at all because he was originally created to be in a Shouty and Fiznik. I'm not sure how he got here or how he commandeered a place in this plot, but I think it has to do with me realizing I had stuff I wanted to do, and no one to do it.

So anyway, Snodgers and Guy show up for the first time in, err, a serious strip since... Last March?!? That's 11 months ago! What exactly is the title of this comic? Anyway, it's nice to have them back in it, even if it is at random. They deserve their own 'meanwhile' though. In any case, bringing Guy back reminds me of one thing I forgot about doing him, that drawing him facing you is almost unimaginable. I have some very interesting first drafts of this. And Snodgers is always going to be my favorite.