Notes:Perhaps the most notable thing about this comic is that about a month after Writing it, I handed it in with along with Philosophy paper. Now part of me can't help but Still think that was insane, since when do I get off handing in a a little joke strip in with a serious paper, especially one that I wrote myself. It's just that one of the paper topics I could choose from happened to exactly coincide with the moral of this comic. I happen to like this particular part of philosophy, regarding death and what it means to die, quite a bit, so I picked up right on it. Of course the idea to include the comic was still a middly deranged on, but it still It appearently didn't hurt me since she put a nice comment on it and gave me an A on the paper.

Now if you've happened to have glaced though my art page(ha, ha), you might notice a certain similarity between Jimmy's outfit here and one of the people in there. The fact is that when I say I like the Topic in Philosophy revoling around death and the meaning of death, I've thought about it a considerable amount, even before that class. A very considerabel amount. It's just something I like to think about whn I'm bored. This crops up in two different ways. The humorous way is Jimmy. The grim way is a character I've called Darkon. He mostly exists in fragments of stories I've written. Who knows, maybe I'l pull him together into a book someday and get published. Ah, wishful thinking. Anyway, it was fun, for me at least, to have Jimmy dressed as his counter-part in this comic.

Now to explain the title. Part of it's refering to the fact that I was working off a new computer and didn't have all the fonts I used to use. Thus, I was using a new font for the title. I noticed later that it also sort of relates to the comic itself too, which is neat.