Notes:Hmm, this is more than anything a an idea I thought would be funny randomly tied to an explination of what's going on. Basically I was having a lot of fun running around Diablo 2 with a Necromancer named Jimmy, and the thought was to share that feeling. Didn't work out did it? The other thing is that I'd decided to clarify Snodgers relation to Pygmy and Navaho. It's hard to believe that I was once this awkard at trying to get a point across. Then again it's been awhile since I've had to say something really important like this, so it's easy to imagine I could do it better now. Camara Man also shows up here, though I really wish I hadn't in retrospect. He's camara man! Also, Jimmy is a tad bit out of carater seeing as he doesn't have zombie slaves anywhere else in the comic.

At this point I was also seeing how many times I could get away with using the same last panel and punchline. All I can say is that I'm glad I managed not to overuse it. Reusing a joke is risky. If you do it right, it's funnier each time you use it. I'm not sure why that is, but there's something about events repeating themselves that's humourous. Now if I wanted to be Mr. Brainiac, I'd say "It's been shown in scientific studies that repeated exposure to a stimuli will result in the subject showing an increased prefrence of said stimuli to others, regardless of whether they're meaningfull." Translating myslef into english, that means if I showed you a bunch of Japanese Kanji, and repeated a few of them over and over, you'd think those ones looked more apealing if asked. Which is, of course, completely stupid.Possibly the most wonderful tin about science is that it is so very self defeating. You can reach a lot of conculsions though logical methods that show us that we're basicly dumb. There might be good reasoning behind this, in that lng ago, when we were all monkey's, eating familiar food was a good idea, since you could be sure it wasn't poisinous, and familar faces were at least a little less likely to try and kill you.

Now, to get off my high pillar I have to admit all of this is something I read in a book, so I'm now actually all that smart in saying this.

Back to th point. So some repeated use is good, since it gets funnier. Howevveer, you risk playing the game by which your joke becomes the equivelent to the dotted lines in Family Circus, Cathy saying "ACK!" or Garfied killing a spider. There's different factors that affect how much you can use it, such as time in between uses. You don't want to do it too long, or people won't even realize you're doing it. You can also do variations, which will extend it's life some. I have a series of 9 jokes I tell people on occation which are individually unfunny, but together work to good effect since they all involve something being on the wrong side of some other thing rhyming with "age". It's really the effort that goes inot some of these to stick into the pattern that makes them funny.

But in anycase, it must be remebered that regardless of how much you vary or well you time the apperence of a joke, it will eventually get old.

Now, is it me or are these notes totally out of proportion with the comic associated with them?