Ok, I'm not in a good mood to write about this. Or maybe I am for what it took to draw his. It would seem that someone up high deceed his comic was not to be. As such, I ran out of paper in my favorite pad for doing comics, broke the ruler I line them with, lost the pen I ink them with, and the pencil I use halfway through. Even the movie night I usually draw during was cancelled. As a result this comic doesn't look particularly great, at least to me.

This would also have to all happen after any sane store is open, and walking to where an insane one exists in he middle of the night, does not appeal to me. I could blame myself for all this, seeing as I didn't get to work till that late, but it normally doesn't take me that long to do a comic now, given I have everything I need.

Actually the one thing that really bothers me is that I decided to work on getting ahead a bit on S0, which I did normally, but is the last place I saw some of said tools above. I can't believe I lost them doing work that isn't really needing to be done, thus making it impossible to do the work that does need to.