Notes:When I first did this, I got into a delema here in which I didn't want to show what pygmy did to Navaho but I didn't want to show Navaho's face. Unfortuntely I couldn't think of one way to do both at the time, thoug in acually righting these notes almost a year later, an idea came to me almost imidiately. That might wither be the power of hindsight, or simply reflect the fact that I'm a little better at writing strips now.

Now, someone somewhere said once, the problem is, that if you feel you screwed up early on, you can't go back and fix it later, since there's bound to be people that liked the original better, ect. NOw personally I generally follow this, partly because I agree that changing one's original work isn't always garenteed to make it more opular, but also because I don't believe in wasting time and energy to fix old cartoons when I could be writing new ones instead.

This is one of my few exceptions. Partly because my originally showing Navaho's face in this comic was one of the two mistakes I ever made in Snodgers history that continued to bother me more than 24 hours later. Also the solution that I came up with generally added humor and lines, without having to take out any of the old stuff. So a quick sceatch later, I was on my way to modifing it. The only significant problem after that was that trying to wrk out the wording. I had a lot of good ideas, I just tended to go off and do something else hile I wwas thinking about them, then come back with only the vaguest idea of what I was thinking earlier. Another problem that cropped up was my tendency to repeat words. This very rarely shows up in final drafts of the comics, but in the rough ones, I've been known to use the same word, "alright" for example, 4 or 5 times in a panel. I have no idea what I'm thinking when I write it, but reading it is somewhat stunning. In this partcular case it tended to show up in my reapeting a discription, and it surprised me that I didn't have more imagination that that. The final product is good, but I'm surprised by the amount of effort it took.

Incidentually, I've intentionally not included a link to the original version of this strip since I'd really rather pretend that it never happened.