Notes: Much as I did love Jenny's old shirt, I did need to replace it. I suppose I'm the one who wrecked it in the first place, but that sort went with what was happening. And I'm not unhappy with this one, since it holds it's own pleasent oddness, and interest in drawing. And as a plus side, it does blend in less well with her hair. There's a pun in this title, but anyone who takes the time to find it has far too much time on their hands. Unless you see it imidiately, in which case you're crazy.

Did I mention this popped righ into my head?

Actually, it's real ties as the pun might be somewhat limited. I could in reality save it and use it in absoluetly the right time to use it as such, but what are the odds that I'll still remember it at that point? Besides which, if I start saving it, how can I ever really say something's the right time, and another isn't.

Not that it matters, since I doubt anyone would get it.