Notes: Now what you might be wondering is, where did Jenny get that sword? That will be answered later. There's 'stuff' that I'd sorta like to do before I go around playing answer man for everything happening here.

There was some thought in my head of making this week's a silent comic, which i to say that it'd jut be whatever I drew with nothing typed in. It seems like it would have worked to me, and things are pretty sparse even with words, but in the end being pratical won out. While it would have been an interesting comic, somehow it seemed a bit much. It would havve had it's advantages though, like say, not having to think of a punchline to follow other happenings. Anyway, enough on that.

There's actually some nice drawing in this, which is somewhat surprising seeing as by all rights this should be a inky mess from the number of times I've spilled water on my drawing pad in the process of doing this. I should also probabl be a bit stressed about going home on yet nother break, and all the crap entaled with travling. Such is apperently not the case though. I especially like the third panel, which might say something about me and my relation to my characters. Or it might just be that I like how it captures the moment. Either way.

Still, part of me just had to draw part of this. Panels 3 and 4 had to happen in my mind. I can't really explain that, but a little bit of my free drawing formed the image in my mind, and after that it's been pretty inevitable. Like a lot of other stuff that's going to happen. This story is really good for me, seeing as a bunch of it's fairly mapped out, with little details I can still tinker with on my way to the end. On the other hand it's taking forever to get through so I can't introduce other stuff I've been writting. Maybe i'll take advantage of spring break to try and get a few more of these out than usual, though i refuse to make any sort of promises.