Notes: First, off, if you can't tell the last panel is happening in a differnt time period, then know it now. A couple hints of that come from the fact they've changed cloths, and are drawn a little bit differently. Or maybe only I notice the latter.

This is another one of those curious drawing comics, where I have people just doing more than they usually do in comics. I know from my past that I ususally wouldn't simply have someone hopping over the couch like that, or have peopl einteracting physically to that degree normally. I'm not sure what that is. Either I'm getting comfertable enough in drawing form that I'm expandnig a little bit to have them actually do stuff, or I blame my new penil set up.

As background, I always pencil a comic before I start inking. Sometimes I freehand little bits and pieces, but I'mtrying to break that habit now, since I've had some pretty horrible disasters like that. Especially when I leave hands open to last minute interpertation. But anyway, that's always consisted of one pencil or another of the regular sort. Whichworks, but has the disadvantage that if I use a hard one I make permanent creases in the paper that show up in scanning, or if I use a soft one, it dulls in a matter of seconds, and I end up wit uselessly fat guide lines. This latter problem usually comes up anyway regardless of which pencil I'm using, it's just faster in soft ones.

This has changed though with my finding soft automatic pencil lead. I swear the stuff is a mircle. It's relitively pointy at all times, I don't have to worry about locating my pencil sharpener (Believe it or not, this task has probably added up in total hour of consumming days of my life) and best of all it erases marvolously. Better than anything I've had before. It's the best of all worlds, now contained in one of my old favorite pointed lead dispencers!

Back to the relivance of this though. Being able to have a really good point and not having to worry about duling or bending the paper when I can erase means that I can quickly throw out a form I want, and then if it's not working erase it with ease and try again without a huge mess I'll later have to clean up on my computer remaining. I can make acurrate lines of what I want, and use or dispose of them as I will. It's wonderfully liberating. Anyways, I've been taking advantage of this.

Hmm, what else is there? There's bits in the diolouge that it sticks a bit in my mind, but overal it seems good. And while the comic doesn't go tremendously far it does at least toss one thing out into the open. Final note: I did actually put a cover on that cd. It kinda got lost though in the scanning though not that it was ever terribly clear. If you want to guess, you can, but I really don't recomend it.