Notes: this is yet another of what I call my self recursive comics. The beginning was about what I thought it'd be at the start, the middle, what i was thinking by then, and the end describing my conclusions. As an added bonus it actually states a lot of my thoughts at the time of writing flat out.

Now on the subject of pandering, it's a bit of an edge to run. I mean it's fun pulling up some of this stuff sometimes. I'd love to do a Mr. T versus if I wasn't so dreadfully lazy. On the other hand I can't really stand someone just using that sort of thing as their sole attraction. I think actually what I like best is the mix, the idea on having something of my own and then sorta pairing it up with something that's rather part of the collective, and seeing what results. But it's important to have something independent first in my mind. And also not to get to caught up in the outside stuff as I started to think that the Mr. T-bot would be.

I suppose that there is something in here that could be taken as a small strike against Scott Kurtz with the title, but there's no major angst directed in that direction. Merely on my mind at the time as I wrote this.

And these two characters are really claiming far more screen time, far more effectively than I would ever have really believed. Yet I still don't think of them as permanant cast.