Notes: It's weird laying off drawing for three weeks. The time flies. And bad habits form realy quickly. Let me never not start thinking about what to do for my comic till the afternoon when I have to get it up. Especially not this strip. Fortunately it all managed to fall into place in my head, and while it's probably not perfect, I still have many fond thoughts towards it.

Let it also be said that I never desire to leave drawing a 'character' with 15 definite adjatives that need to be incorperated to the last minute either. They are all there, to some degree, I swear. I'm not sure whether I left it at 15 for reasons of just not being able to think of any more at the time, not knowing if I wanted to even try and fit more in, or simply because it tripped my subconious as being a nice roundish number. I'mnot sure whether I haven't here tripped over the level of pandering into parody, and then back into pandering again. Paradoyis my intention, but part of me, while reading that name just has to find that a bit much. The Wielder of Wang bit there is simply in irritation of someone finding a very witty shirt, "Wang-Fu". No, that would simply be the word wang, put in Kung-Fu. Why don't we just make life simpler and make a shirt that says "Doody!" I'd have to apologise to anyone reading this that I just offended, but I have this feeling that I don't atract the same sort of audience.

Well, despite troubles of drawing, the bot seems to have turned out fairly well in places. Well, it's not like it'll be coming back for any reason I can think of. It needed to happen, but also to be gotten rid of then, so I would never have to draw it again. I mean, I also have reasons for it being knocked out as it was, but that will come up later. Consider that foreshadowing.

It's really odd in some way that for falling out of the habit of drawing, I did end up doing a bit more complex than usual one, pared with being 10 panels this time.