Notes: This comic is sorta a turn in things. A little. In a lot of ways the past bunch of strips has been laying out a lot more about characters of late.

But in any case, I can't really blame Jenny by the third panel. Whether she likes it or not, she does have her serious aspects to her, and the sort of conversations that she seems to end up in most of the time aren't always what you want to be doing when you're just trying to sit around.

Of course the alternative, is that you can get people to start talking about themselves or events, and given that in a lot of ways they're just getting to know each other, it's more likely the temselves part, which suits my ends well, and hopefully doesn't bore people too much. Or maybe you find it terribly facinating. I don't know. I do, but I'm like that.

Now, one of the aspects of writting in Jenny o things is that I realized she had to have a really odd family for her to be staying around Narc at all. Jandice fits in well with that attitude. I'm not sure what else would though. It... was rather a difficult time figuring out what else to do with that matter. I'm not so terribly bound to tradition that I feel the need to give her one atomic unit of family, but at the same time there's ways in which you want things to be at least somewhat based on people's expectations of reality. Then again, with rising divorce rates, it's not impossible that... Anyway, the next comic should dig a bit more into the matter. All I can say at the moment is that I really did think through things a lot before I decided how to set them up.

The drawing isn't especially good in this one. Jimmy's a bit more... elastic than I like him. Jenny is fine, but neither is really doing anything particualrly exciting. Which considering circumstances is apropriate, but, I could wish for a little bit more variety from myself. The writting I think I like. I noted most of this down in on of my particularly inspired moments recently, along with the next three strips worth of text, and somehow it's miraculously proven to not be complete garbage at a later date. I esentually was just able to copy and paste it in, with copy and paste being replaced in there with having to squint horrilby to read the tiny, tiny, tiny print I did it in, while trying to keep the sketchbook open and type at the same time. It worked that out though.