Notes: I've needed to end this story line for awhile now. Now it is.

What is Jandice's time constraint? That can be revealed with time.

As for Santa Carlos's motivation in keeping her, there's elements of it that might be apperent enough. It's possible he's just upset at having her discard his stories and her involvement like that. But you might also notice something about the way he's interacted with Jimmy, and everyone else. He likes keeping the attention on him, and making himself stand out. Taking that from him would be upsetting. Or alternatively, it's simply convient to be upset when you want to keep someone's attention. Making someone angry is an excelent way of making them keep their mental focus on you.

Jandice doesn't get pissed very often, and who's to say how much she is right now? I'll just say she has experience with having to dealing with people getting in her way, and sometimes seeming angry when you're that, er, skilled at hurting people can convince them that maybe things really are better done your way. Again, more on that later.

Finally, Narc really isn't a very reassuring man. It makes one wonder how he got by helping raise a child.

Working in the final joke I left off of the last comic became more dificult than I imagined it would be. I ended up throwing it in my to be used bin again and tossing in the comic something new that fit better. There was a problem that the original just made you want to stop too much, and frankly that simply doesn't work as the second panel of at least an 8 panel comic.