Notes:I'm almost back to my normal comic, except for the title font. It would seem that with the person's computer I'm working off of now that mine has gone bonker, that it would seem perfectly rational to say it has a font that it does in fact not have at all.

I will explain this. When I was sending files over to the computer, I was sure to check if it was capable of using apperently obscure font of Wanted LET, that I use for the main title. I opened up Photoshop and an old comic, tryed out the various fonts I use, and saw that Wanted was an option so I closed up and decided I was done.

This was a mistake. You see, when it told me it had Wanted LET, what it ment was that it had Wanted LET*, which is like wanted in that it has the same name, but unlike it in that it looks exactly like Helvetica. Apperentlly, when there is a font in a document in photoshop that it does not have, it says that it has it, but actually only gives you the closest equivent it has, or in this case, something completely different.

I suppose there must be some logic to this though I have yet to find it. They certainly must have gone to some effort to add this feature thinking that somebody would like to be fooled into thinking they had a font that they didn't. I'm not sure though, I've always been a large fan of computers giving me correct information, but that might just be me.