Notes: Jenny's motives here are sorta odd. Actually I suppose the whole way she thinks is. Perhaps it's just a bit chaotic. There's reasons for that to be so. Hmm, that's for later though, especiallly these motives bits. Assuming Jenny herself isn't bits after this. There's not fixing that, not unless you have powers beyond he kin of normal men. Now I'm tangeting I believe, so I'll stop that.

It was interesting to start this with a bit of a perspective panel. Normally I avoid that sort of thing our of laziness, and also because it simply isn't necessary on a daily basis. Here, it works, so it's in. Actually, it's a bit of a step up for me in art that I'd even try this. I mean it's not too impressive on the grander scale of art, but I'm always pleased when I try something new and it works.

I also believe this would be the first time that I've ever used thought bubbles. I haven't gone back through the archives to check but I'm almost certain that's true. Again, I haven't really had reason to before now. In this case though there was definitly something that simply stating what's on someone's mind out loud wouldn't work for. It's neat that I got the text to fit in prety well, despite mostly guessing dimentions.

One thing that troubled me with this though was trying to decide how to express the last two panels. There's a lot of distances I could have done this from, but I think these two get it the best off. Plus I like the top of that building. For the extraordinaily observent, W7 Networks is a subdivition of World News Express.

Hmm, as a last note it was brought up to me in editting this that having a explosion in a building might not fly so well PC wise. Well, whatever, if I need explossions to move the plot in the dirrection I want it to, and my carcter's happen to be in a tower at the time, then by damn, there's going to be an explosion in a tower.