Notes:You might be wondering about the second row in this comic with it's little side drawings. I wanted to make the panel a bit narrower than the ones below it, but large enough to hold that was going on in it so I took an inch off each side. Though this is hard to believe from my backgrounds, I really hate empty space. I just also hate having to erase stuff on my computer to make room for words. Since I really didn't need the space, and I'd been reading "Johnny the Homicidal Manic" with his little border filling hidden messages and pictures, I decided I could just draw whatever seemed appropriate. There's not a lot of similarity to his stuff, but that's what inspired it nonetheless. Anyway, I ended up doing little elemental things for both Jimmy and Jenny, Jimmy's being based off a necklace I picked up at a street fair, Jenny's being just something random I drew once, made a bit more spiffy. They turned out pretty well, and I wish I had an excuss to draw more things like that.

The whole format here is actually pretty strange for me, but I figured it was the best way to actually do this joke, which I've been wanting to do for awhile. It even turned out well without hours of tinkering, which makes me very, very happy, especially after S0 #42's fun. Not much more to say about that, except I ran into an unexpected surprise when I realized that everyone should be in color.

Another interesting thing that cropped up in this comic as Jenny's 'aura'. I can't say what inspired that at all. Somewhere in the middle of drawing the panel it sorta crept in. I don't know that it has any useful perpose beyond looking nifty at the moment. It seems sencible though that nature magic might be a bit lively, and that a bored/agitated practionare might take to 'doodling' a bit with it. Regardless though of funtuctionality, it's another fun thing for me to draw.

It's funny, after I finally managed to shrink down the comic sizes, they're creeping back up again. This isn't a real surprise with me using color comics again, but it's a bit disappointing.