Notes:This comic contains a fairly high volume of very good lines for being a fairly early work, with perhaps the best of the show going to the third panel. The fact that the way I was drawing Guy at the time made him look cross eyed helps it out a lot. "Wait a second, that doesn't make any sence at all" would probably rank second, and after that I have to work a bit harder.

Plot-wise, it does give a reason why "Luce" might do what Snodgers says, though it doesn't go into detail. It makes events make a little more sence, though in retrospect, I could have constructed more of a story line out of this.

Perhaps the biggest downfall of this strip is that I was too lazy to illistrate Mr. Snodgers first encounter of the devil. I suppose this wasn't so surprising since I was a bit more cowardly about drawing then, spending more time trying to figure out how to get out of drawing something hard, than trying to figure out how to do it at all.

There's one additional problem that Snodgers loses his chin for some reason in the last panel.