Notes: If there's any issue, the last 4 panels are supposed to read like the last four panels in any comic I do, left to right, and up to down.

There's a very curious aspect to introducing a new character to my strip tha whatever I may think they're going to be saying at first, they develope their own tone almost automatically. Actually, even of some of the things I ended up discarding, some ended up so weirdly altered that there's some likelyhood of their reappearing elsewhere anyway. This particular bit's a part of my brain that I would have almost never imagined getting called into play writting serious diolouge that tends to run around with the meaning of things in a manner, well, mostly like the way being used in here. I mean, it doesn't get used because it does make people hurt, and mostly just ends up coming out in horrific puns. Though it's still fun one in awhile to slip things into statement once in awhile which 2 minutes later will make one person get this really weird reaction once in unfolds itself to them.

So anyway, playing with format this time. The whys of that started with at first realising I could hardly fit a standing a sitting person in one panel, so switching between them seemed inevitable. Then, while laying out formate I figured that it'd be cool if I managed to lay on of the panels that was up right over one of the down panels, resulting in an almost full figure. Then it followed tat I might as well do the whole thing and split it in half. Neat! I like dong larger drawings. Anyway realization continued till the pont where I figured that in fact, the whole first four panels were going to be happening around the same place, so I might as well draw out everything. The leaving of the normal grid was mostly a style decission, which mostly helped keep things seperate in my mind, and also I osrta like how it looks over laying things.

Now, the bottom half I had less of an excuse. Partly it's there for symetry, since the smaller panels that would follow would look a bit odd, partly because drawing big put me in a drawing big mode, and I had already found myself sketching out the relative possisions that it would invovle. There's an aspect of my mind that would also like to blame it on laziness. After all, one big panel means that I don't hae to draw four smaller panels. True enough, but when people are going to be doing relatively the same thing for a bit, I have the option of drawing the same thing really small several times, or I can actually let people see what I'm doing and be able to work on a sane scale.

You know, most anywhere near professional people would call me crazy for drawing snodgers nearly identicle in size to how it looks post scanning. I do not deny this.

Hmm, I actually have surprisingly little to complain about in the way this then turned out. There's a couple of places that look odd to me that I don't imagine are too noticable to anyone that is not me. Except of course that those last couple "Whats" were and are hard to attach to Jimmy. Final Note: There's one bit of this I ended up doing with one of the pens I was exprimenting with in So #99