Notes: I like this a surprising amount considering I didn't think I budgeted enough time to do it when I started. Poor planning about how I'm doing projects and getting ready for finals to blame for that.

Hmm, feel like I've been going on for a bit too long of a stretch with what I like about these strips. But these are my rants of sorts and, dammit, I like doing this. I think I got about the right level of roughed up for Jen in this. Not so much as to make it really unpleasant I suppose for her or to look at/ I guess imagine if you happen to like her, but enough to make it noticeable. It's sorta interesting in my mind how it seems to become irrelevant though, when she's really animated (in the living sense, rather than the ironic one) in panel 7.

To change topics completely, I suppose I should go on a bit about the shield. I can't think of an analogy that actually matches up with a lot of people's experience, so let's just say you're holding something round between your fingers, say a soda bottle lid (I actually do this when bored, so it comes to mind quickly). If you squeeze it, it doesn't tend to bend so much as spontaneously slip out from between your fingers, sometimes flying for a bit. Now replace your fingers with the earth and the mass of a giant deer, and the bottle lid with a character hell bent on not becoming a rather hard to remove spot.

Yeah, we're talking a great deal of velocity here.

Now a shield is rather useless if you can't take kinetics coming in at you, which, realtively speaking, you can describe most of the world as at this point. Problem is that tends to take energy. And suddenly stopping yourself can be rather disastrous. Better to extend the fall if at all possible. Then, of course, you have to deal with the fact that walls tend to not enjoy this, and will on occasion retaliate.

This has become sufficiently odd that I think I'll stop now, but hopefully you get the point. In theory, it probably should hold against anything, but when you've been worn out a bit , particularly by your last N or so bounces, you can't depend on that.

Final note, general happiness at managing to get humor flowing back in the comic again.