Notes:I've saved this tanget from my last comic, seeing as they're so closely related. Probably the stongest part of this comic and the last is that ou can't tell what th ant is saying from the clicks the makes. If I wrote an 8 panel comic revolving around a chicken crossing the road joke normally it would have more than a couple problems in it. One of them being its nearly impossible to streatch a two line joke that far. The other being that chicken crossing the road jokes are hardly ever worth it.

This comic contains a number of ideas that I thought of using for the first one, but couldn't quite fit. Or that were somewhat contradictory. One was the idea of the punchline being "Because the Hive Queen so demanded", which seemed suitible for a race of insects.

One thing the interesting parts of this to me is that Jimmy actually demonstrates his powers over life and death for once. Which is interesting in itself since it makes killing someone an easily reversable idea. Of course, that doesn't mean that people have to apreciate it.

If there's one problem with this comic it's that it's somewhat unclear as to wether Jimmy doesn't get why the guy would say it or if it's that he doesn't get the joke. My original intention is the latter and that really is the better punchline.

Last note: all spells should go "Ding", regardles of their function.