Notes: Hmm, I guess first off it's fairly evident that Jenny is not dead. I'm not sure if anyone would believe for even a second that I'd kill her since I do have a distinct preferance of her character, but then again coming back is also always an option in this universe. Won't dwell on that possibity too much. It would be interesting what it'd do to their interaction though. Jimmy is already fairly shaken up just thinking he had, and Jenny... Let's not think about how that would irritate her.

Anyway, I guess you can see here that Jenny can fly. Either that or stand on air. Let's say fly since that'd also account for how she got down and up. Again, something the Jimmy could have had considerable use for. Regardless of who is more powerful it's fairly obvious that Jenny is the more knowleagable one here.

On to drawing. Bits of this were fun to draw. Others less so. For whatever reason panel 5 took me forever to do, then redo, then redo again since I didn't like the way it turned out. I'm still not totally happy with it. Compaired to that imidiately after is panel 5 which just seemed to flow out right the first tie, and which continues to please me in the way it flows. Everything else falls somewhere between that.