Notes:One quick note. If it's not apparent to you, Jim is not Jimmy. I can't give you a good excuse for using a name that similar, but I'm not bothering to give you the bad one.

It's interesting how I'm wandering between serious and strange to me. Up until the end that last strip was pretty much getting to understand characters. Now I'm back to being simple and odd again. Meh, it'll be interesting to see which side of this ends up winning. Concerns of the basic nature of the comic aside, I hapen to like this strip a lot.

In the meantime, this comic calls up a lot of old stuff. One of the least obvious is that this is actually based off of the first Mr. Snodgers Neighborhoods I ever wrote, around 2 years ago now. Of course, it's not it exactly since my sence of humor has changed a bit since then, and I threw in a couple other characters from the past... who seemed perfect for the role. They took over the comic a little from what it orignally was, but there's a few panels in this comic that come directly from the original.

One might wonder why the entire city is named after Mr. Snodgers. One has every right to wonder that, or even if that's what I intended. Well frankly, I'm not saying anything about why the city's named that for the moment. Perhaps I'll think of a good reason in the future. *cough* To tell you, of course.