Notes:This comic is interesting in that it was originally one strip, which, to say the least, was quite crampt with text. The basic premise of this strip is to explain why Jimmy was a necromancer and what the hell that meant to me. Basically it's sort of a conglomeration of evrything that I picked up from video games, which is to say the least, perfectly historically accurate. I am well aware that Necromancy was actually an art of devining the future though speaking with the dead, and actually raising the dead and controling them is a bit unneccessary to that end. Being dead yourself is also not a requirement.

However, being accurate in those two respects isn't particularly funny, so I might as well continue the misunderstanding.

Back to the point about it being one strip originally though. A leason I've learned, yet seem doomed to continually forget is that one should show, not tell. The first draft of this comic had the whole of first half cramed into the first two panels, as a description of what happened. It was a very intersing moment when I realized that I wouldn't be able to cram all the text into those panels, not with a good description. It sort of occured to me then that there was most likely a much better way of going about this. It was a bit of work, but I managed to script and draw out another eight panels that made the whole thing work in the period of a couple hours. WHih goes to show if I wanted to I could do these a lot more often, though it'd most likely help if I had ideas of what I was doing in advance. That's normally not the case so I take a bit longer. THen again there's also the fact that I enjoy doing a couple other things in life.

I suppose I'm happy with the how the strip turned out this way. To say the least I'm a lot happier than I was when I first did it.