Notes:How do you deal with having too many people in your panels? Boot some out!

It might be that this isn't my most creative title ever, but I can't find too much of a overall theme to base one of of.

Anyway, the dynamics of the relation between Jandice and Jenny are surprisingly up in the air for me. I'm not entirely certain where the're headed, thogh for the moment they seem amiable. Some how I didn't predict that they'd turn out that way, but whenever I'm writting and drawing they seem to come out much friendlier than I think I'm trying. Maybe that's saying something. I'm not sure what that is though. Anyway, one comic does not a relation make, so I'll be interested to see if that continues.

This comic fixes up a little on an kind of inconsitstency that's been floating in the air for awhile, not that I suppose that it really caught anyone's attention. It's only kinda an inconsistentcy though since I was aware of this from the begining and even hd this for an answer since then.

Now, for a bit of explination. We know Jenny can do things. Assume she gets that from somewhere. Now, imagine what Jenny would be like if she had years of experience to back it up.

Yes, that's a frightening thought. But luckily it's also wrapped in what so far appears to be a much more even tempered package. Admittedly she still shows herself to be a snodgers, but it's not as if she's blown up the house yet.

Seems like I haven't said enough considering how much I like this comic, but I'm not sure what else there is too it.