Notes:Wow, did this comic take more time than I could ave ever concieved, especially considering the amount of actual work it shows for it. Lots of talking, not all that much interesting in drawing, except perhaps for panel 7. And if there's one thing I learned from doing this comic, it's that I have _no_ idea where one of my sketch books is.

Seriously though, this was a real struggle of translating my thoughts first into the way I talk, then into comic form, then into the way that 'S talks, which is a bit different than me. And to try and not go on forever in each panel. Perhaps I could hae just made this just a big notes thing, but I feel the need to emphisis the system that I'm working with here. I'll try and avoid doing any more of this in the future, but the table had to be laid a bit. From now on you'll get to learn about it through interaction. This whole concept was a bit weird though to just have hinted about for the next whatever. And it'd be even more awful to have it come up spontaniously in a conversation.

To do a little more discussion of the system itself, and it's conception, much like a lot of characters and their aspects, this just sorta came up. Yuo might have noticed something in the dynamics of Jenny and that TV announcer of the days of yore/ That's where it first really came up. There's two people who can really just _do_ things. And quite naturally they don't like each other. I suppose elsewhere, there might be other conceptions of things but that's not really the issue I'm trying to discuss.

This eventually had to become an issue though, since in our version of reality, most of the things that are happening in Mr. Snodgers Neighborhood would cause all sorts of problems.