Notes: Now drawing this I happened to amuse myself immensely. Not all that complicated but a couple things of enough interest. I can't help but feel that dialouge is a little spare in this, but the timing of things sorta only allowed for so much to happen. Perhaps I should have skipped the whole idea except I like confronting the ways that you might go about trying to kill Jimmy. Also to show Jenny, as good as she is compared to Jimmy, remains an imperfect being. Meh, more on next week most likely.

One last thought before I hit the road, I can't really decide if what Jenny is speaking here is magic-babble (the fantasy equivalent to techno-babble) or actually some legitimate theory. Of course this is somewhat pointless to speculate on since I don't have much of a magic system to compare against. So, lets just say that in Snodgers land a) this is something possible, and not a bad assumption as a solution to her problem and b) it is most likely a bit more than "a simple anti-magic field" since one would guess they'd be a bit more common, what with the wide spread destruction. Of course not every one can do magic, but we'll get more into that, once again, later. For the moment Jenny's just being a bit arrogant with that.