Notes: For those it's not readily apperent to, Jenny wanders off at some point in this. I try to express this in panel 7, but largeyl fail due to lack of background. I kept debating what I should put here, in order to pin down at least a little of the structure of the house, and to show some of the space she's looking into, _and_ to make it so she's not staring into a big white void, but I managed to fail complately at this by debating it to the point I forgot the issue was still there, and once I have the comic scanned in, I tend to lose motivaiton to make radical changes to things. I realy do have to draw out a road map of this house some day if I plan to continue having them wander around it like they are. Possibly the most significant aspect of this comic is that it is at the moment, and likely will remain, the only Mr. Snodgers' Neighborhood comic that has any sort of referance to a Fiznik and Shouty. This is largely because I hold the belief that Fiznik and Shouty is horrible, with a couple of outstanding moments. It was an amusing experiment for a time, that sort got out of hand.

Anyway, these notes aren't aobut Fiznik and Shouty. It's a about a particular line from them which has come to infest my life. Namely, "Blast! Also, Drat!" I actually say this at times. Somehow, it amuses me immensely.

Advance warning, this is looking into things more deeply than most people might consider worthwhile. I think it's the aspect of understatement to it, in that "blast" is such a weak curse. The matter is then to correct it to more apropriately express yourself. It's humorous to think then that one might try and achive this efect, not by overlapping, but trying to add to the previous statement, with the 'also'. One then continues to completely fail to express the desired level of anguish, since the word 'drat' is almost as meaningless these days as 'blast'. In essence, one manages to give two attemps at expressing something that combined come no where near covering anything but the most mudane of problems. You'd get better mileage off the phrase "Gosh, darn, heck!". So it's a matter of humor through understatement, lined with a bit of odd phrasing and finished with a bit of emphasis on the futility of it's use. And that's why I am sometime heard to say it.