Notes: There's something very odd in this comic. It's hard to define, but the humor's a bit different than normal I think.

It might be a bit odd for Jimmy to be quoting Dune. It's odd for me to be quoting it. I probably wouldn't even have this line lodged in my memory except for the break up with my girlfriend, Rebecca. By sort an odd thing, I started hanging out more/ got invited by this really nice... pair... of friends of mine, and we spent this increadible amount of time just sitting around watching the Sci-fi channel's remake of Dune and Children of Dune. They get thanks for inviting me and keeping me company when I was prone towards moping which really doesn't help matters. So, weird thing that led to this particular bit of comic-dom.

It still might seem odd for Jimmy to be into Sci-fi. Actually, I don't know why that would be. It just stands out as a trait in an otherwise blank slate bout what we realy know about him. And it's bit out in space since we don't know how much he might like it, or even if this is all he knows. I started out one comic inquiring into this, but that's going to have to end up in S-sub-Not. Believe me, if I wander of on tangents sometimes, _this_ would be a bit extreem.