Notes: Now what Santa Carlos is doing here might seem a bit odd to you, both motivationally, and effectively. I would assume that most of you, even with a fairly good show of responding to what's on your mind wouldn't believe a psychic. Bear in mind though that Jimmy lives in a slightly different world, and has been in the past bit seen quite a few amasing things. Now he's in Mr. Snodgers house, not being shot at, but rather hanging out with a "Pirate Ghost of Christmas". The line of what is real is rather blurry at this point.

Santa Carlos's motivation I'll have to leave for the strip to show up eventually. It's not good story telling for me to end up telling you in a side note what it is.

Art wise, this comic isn't my favorite somehow. Jimmy in panel 5 expresses himself well, and panel 7 also turned out well. Actually staying somewhat consistent in those last three was good too.

Actually the biggest dificulty with this came from trying to draw a character I'd come up with, sketched, fleshed out and tinkered with some 6 months ago. I haven't exactly forgotten about her since then, but I have fallen out of practice drawing her, and she's a bit finiky to begin with. And if you haven't made some sort of conection of who she is yet... Well, you'll get it eventually.

And to anyone that thought that was Jenny starting in panel 6 should compare a couple of aspects. I suppose that's rather an early picture from the developement stage, but I generally try to work off it.

It's interesting sometimes how much I end up changing the comic before it finially goes up on the web. Especially when I refuse to either reuse art, or to start up drawing again. The end result is having my panels shift around in a most curious fasion, with bit and pieces switching places. Overall this iddn't come out badly for that, and actually the one panle I ended up using a scrap for others wasn't too worthhile to begin with so I'm pretty happy about that. Overall it managed to toss out a panel's worth of unnecessary wordage and replace it with a little explination that would have ended up down here instead.