Notes: Apperently I'm out of practice in drawing Mr. Snodgers too, because he seems a bit shifty to me in these panels. Eh, such is life.

I sorta like the curious power dynamic that occurs here. It's a fairly odd set of mentalities to have paired up in this sort of opposission. While they share something sorta fundamental in my mind, there's little doubt I think that Jenny holds this little bit of reality in her that's Mr. Sondgers doesn't have. At the same time she also doesn't have any sence of anything potentially bad happening to her in almost any situation, which makes Narc more realistic in some ways. This is a curious time in growing up, especially if you consider Jenny's background of having grown up with moving around a bit to a lot. Add in her somewhat off odd mentality and we might say she's not likely to be rolling in friends. Add in what she'd take them home to if she did... It could make for someone quite easy to use.

Anyway, on that, she does show here a much larger degree of possessiveness than ever before I think towards Jimmy. Which is really quite odd considering the way things have played out. But anyone that's willing to continue putting up with her after all that might be someone of value.

Of course, also in that context, What Narc's just done is relitively minor compared to everything she's ever done to Jimmy. But perhaps he's just her toy to play with, no one else's.

Anyway, final note I intend to do on this, when I have people just taling, sometimes I try to spice things up just a tiny bit by making them move their arms a lot. I talk a lot with my hands so it makes sence to me. However, in trying to do that to this one, right at the end of the draft, I was looking at the way they're arms were folding and unfolding and it turned into this little dance they were both doing. Amusing in it's own sence, but rather distracting from the overall things I'm trying to get across, so I ended up muting that down. To a degree it still seems to be there though, Especially with Narc's part.