Notes: I could wonder if I have too many odd characters. But what could be said to be the logic for forming a character? And what would be a reasonable character in Mr. Snodgers' world?

I'll admit that Jane's is slightly more odd than most of mine. The formulation of her character was basically plugging in a date to google, and then seeing what turned up. This is where my question is. Is the randomness of this method any less than that of actually being creative? It could be argued that just thinking of that as a method is so. Actually, where this really makes me curious is that if it does seem the equivalent of actual creativity, in that the mind seemingly takes bits and pieces of information to form new ideas, and I use some search parameter instead to decide these random factors, and both being rather a black box in how they work, since my search results are determined by a chaotic system known as the internet. I suppose it's possible then to say that such a thing could be used as an algorithum in making a 'creative' program. I mean, there are data bases that are used to such ends to a greater or lesser degree. The advantage here though is that it's not determined by what you put into it, but rather something which can't be determined, or fall into a patern. Nifty.

And that would be the programmer in me coming out.

Anyway, Jane has to settle down a bit yet. I'm not quite used to drawing her yet, and so her look is in a bit of flux still. I think I like it though.

Why do I even need new characters? Because despite things, my world still feels dreadfully underpopulated to me.