Notes: Wow. This coic contains what might count as a really horrible pun.

For convience sake, and since I'm sure all of you don't have the same recall I do for the comic, here's a couple relivant to the conversation

What's effective on the side

I'm in this curious conflict over this type of comic. Part of me goes 'Oh, how convienent. Now one of the ignorant characters will ask about something you desire to tell the audience. What's next, will one of them walk in front of a mirror, and take a detailed descriptive look at themselves so we know what they look like?' to which my other aspect replys, 'You do know this is a comic, right. You know, with pictures. So that people can tell already what the characters look like.' Around then, the actually relivant counterpart bothers to show up and say 'Well, you can say that it's a trite thing to do, but people do actually ask about odd things they don't understand you know. And if you don't do that in front of the audience, how the hell is anyone supposed to get it?'

In the end, the resolution is still, it amuses me, thus it is in the comic.

To drop on the art district of this, I have to say, I really like how a number of these panels turned out. 3, 4 and 5 especially, which benifited from lots of patience penciling, and good planning. Panel 6 simply benifited from lots of photoshop. I'm not sure what happened there, other than apperently was falling asleep while inking there. Note though, that I innk my panels backwards, and so I seem to have woken up then, and stopped letting my lines drift around quite so much. Well, you can't note it quite so much, since I replaced the hopeless arm of the couch, and fixed most of the rest.

I really like that hand in 6 though. Drawing them at that angle is a pain, and it worked out quite well.

The reaccuring rope in the corner I'm less sure about. It helps define the sape a bit, but also makes it a bit harder to place the wording in the comic. Which is typical of almost any background I do, except then I run into panels that look rather baren sometimes if I leave them out.

Last note for this: On the ribs remark, you might note the angle, and height of the sword coming out of Immy in 'Outcomes'. The concept of going through them is a little different here than it is in most situations