Every time pygmy and navajo show up my readership falls by 2/3's. Now normally I like to do my work and I can only hope that people like it. In this case though it's a bit extreem. I can't exlain what it is about them that drives people off, or even if it's only a coincidence since no one has ever bothered to write me one way or the other. Anyway, I decided to get rid of them after I finished this plot. I had a few ideas, soem with them dying, others with them not, but this is the one that won out in my mind, being by far the strangest in it's own way.

Meanwhile, the only thing that's bothers me abot the comic is that the title can interpeted in two ways. On, the one I wrote it for, is the happily ever after line. The other implies that I did this all so they lived, rather than being killed in some bizzar manner. I guess I would normally be pleased with the double joke, but this time one is just so weak that I would never have written it intentionally. None the lesss, it stands as originally written.