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What this is about in the first place

Me, and disappering

Jimmy and cooking me

Jimmy and bothering me

Now, I did promise this quiet a while ago, and I like standing by that, though I suppose I might have allowed myself a little more clean up time in the post first, but I rather like the idea of doing this for at most two comics. It was ment to be one, but the joke that came up at the end was too amusing to me not to do, plus it'd otherwise would seem rather crammed to me. I could in theory have dropped any of the other wrong "theory's" but I felt obligated to at least touch upon all the options, or at least some of the major ones.

I suppose last comment is that panel seven has the best 'S I've drawn to date, in terms of captuing what I think she should look like really. Which is odd, because I felt I screwed up a lot of the other panels in this to at least a minor extent. Hmm, this is interesting because it implys that her character's in more of a state of flux of gaining form than I thought before. I thought it'd settled down, but if it starts changing between panels, even just in my mind, then it means that things have yet get really established as to just what she is.

And you might suspect that there's really something behind that title, but there's really not.