Notes:So we're finally introduced to Jandice, which makes life easier, because I can start refering to her by name. Admitedly it's an odd name, but like the character and personality and ect. of the character it comes to me more than I decide on it. Of course all those things tend to be in a little bit of flux till I've used the character enough that I get a good feel of what should be coming from them. Hmm, I'd be tempted to say, till I get a good feel of what they should be saying versus whatever random brain garbage is floating around at the moment.

Anyway, this somehow took me a bit longer to draw than usual, perhaps because I've fallen out of the habit of drawing quite so many panels in a row after an extended stop for me. At least though I have some interesting things to draw. I rather like Jandice, and Jimmy amuses me in his own way. And I love the sofa in the same way that I hate the bench. I love the sofa, and points go out to those that can identify it from before. More to people that make another conection about it. Enough of that though

ANyway, this is the start of a number of strips that will hopefully be making things clearer. I know this one doesn't do a lot, but I have to maintain my sence of humor at the same time. And even if I don't state things explicitely though I'm thinking that some of the relations between the Snodgers are becoming clearer.

Oh, and Jimmy really wouldn't know Mr. Snodgers is Jenny's Uncle. Distance and Shock would take car of that.