Notes: As for the title, yes, for as you see substitutes always present boring informational films instead of actually continueing with where you should be. Or that's another thought for this particular one.

Anyway, 'S is going to be acting cartoonist for a bit, though I'd have to be hard pressed to give a good reason for it. Hmm, stuff relating to her maybe coming up later if ever. In the mean time mostly just having her there to run things per-say. Though it is a bitinteresting to notice in retrospect that she does talk about things in different manner than I usually tend to. Part of me just finds it odd that in doing the naration that should actually make difference. Actually there's a bit of a style change to this whole strip which reminds me somewhat of Schlock Mercenary. Meh, nothing wrong with a bit of style rubbing off on me after reading something persistently for about a year.

Next, as always, comes the art comments. First panel first. the good Dr seems to take on a bit more life now than I'v epreviousl granted him. Aloso the having of backgrounds. Little things that make a difference. Last thing is last panel, which was just sorta felt inspired. I'm especiall proud of how the, um, flow came out since I had to somewhat guesstimate the way that the color markers and the pencil would come together once I scanned them. I suppose I could of sved myself some effort and just did actual color, but I always feel I have to do the rest of the comic then, and i've been rather taken to the feel of pencil and ink of late.

In between those two, everything is pretty much passible for me, but mostly words anyway. Yeah, I keep saying it but I really sould decide on one style, wordy or sorta half empty. Or maybe that's just natural.