Notes: So not every conversation has to be filled with amusment between these two. That's not entirely surprising, to me, seing as I don't imagine Jandice as being quite so absolutely carefree as her brother. Well, not at all, thoguh that'll really come up later.

This reminds me vaugely of the turn in my oddly titled: More random violence and the consequences thereof. This is one of those things that eventually had to happen seeing as it would be a little absurd if there was no comment and more so if there was no responce at all. Of course you have to consider this is considerably mild at the moment considering the scale of what's been done, but when you're related to Mr. Snodgers I imagine you become a little inured to such things.

And for once I have something of a real catch for reading next time. I usually like for things to end semi-resolved, but the nature of the explination that's going to have to go behind this is going to take a comic unto itself. And it'd just look sloppy for me to start in introducing the concept of the they, then going into a long explination right after. It needs a pause there, and you're getting it.

So, it looks like we're moving back to irritated Jenny, and seeing as her actions really have been less than stelar that might stick around for awhile. Then again, the nature of being a Snodgers does not seem to involve being bitter a lot so there's that factor. We'll see which wins. Drawing wise, I'm not entire sure about Jandice's hands as they appear in the first half of this comic. They don't look quite right to me. Her whole possision isn't convayed really well generally in my mind. And I'm not entirely sure I got the scaling right in panel 5, when I was trying to bring things a little closer in. But I do at least seem to be settling down in how I draw her a bit. She doesn't change a lot, but it feels like it does to me. Meh.