Notes: I can't imagine that someone would forget that Jenny's covered in blood. This has been the case in my test audience though. Perhaps I simply need to get my comics up more often. It's hard to imagine not having enogh time in a week to write 3 comic strips, but at the same time, since I do this by sitting down for a minimum of 4 hours usually more, anything to act as a distraction in between tends to totally mess up the process.

That aside, this is another comic done via a choice of word and then having the rest formed as it will. This one is truth, perhaps obviously. Perhaps no joke needs to be made of this sort, but I need to indicate class has happened. I can't exactly teach deciousness though. I can teach physics because I've been doing it for years. Deviousness is harder. To a degree I understand it, but if there's one thing I've leaned from my interaction with people, it's that my sense of reality is quite different than most people's, so while I might be able to work things sometimes, but explaining reality to anyone other than me doesn't seem to work. It's a weird thing that I can interact well through a system that's completely inexplicable to others.