Notes: There's probably any number of games that Jenny and Jimmy could be playing with that particular card set up. I wouldn't know, since I'm not particularly an expert on such things. The intended game though is one called 'logic' which came out of this very fact that me and a friend didn't share any knowledge of a card game, and so we just made one up. The jist of it conists of trying to build up 5 card paterns, with a sense of patern that's limited almost only by the amount of work it takes to discribe it. "Cards incrementing by incrementing numbers" works for instance. There's other particulars, but it's rather early in the morning right now to be trying to recall them all.

Note that writing a comic about being tired, while being tired, is overall a bad idea, as exemplified by this jewel edited out of the orginal "You Aren't you tired thought?" Yep, I have typos in these because I'm a tad fucked in the head about such things. Seeing it set to max incoherence though is a tad bit amusing though.

Panel three turned out interestingly. While not entirely intentional, it captures at just the right time the essence of being sufficiently tired that things don't seem to be fitting together quite properly.

Which in turn influences a lot of other things in this as well. Being tired does not lead one down a sensible path. Rather an odd thing that. The more you put your body in distress, the stupider things it does.

The background is mostly just random objects from out of my room, blocks of wood, glass net floaters piles of tape, and books on more solid shelving than I think I've ever owned.

It's hard to say much more about this. It rather just happened, and ended up getting colored by what the moment felt was right as well as some planning. But sometimes a line stroke changes, and someone's entire attitude goes with it in a new direction. Hmm, really didn't need another plot here. Will hopefully resolve this soon then.

As the last coment in this, I remember partly a quote, which adds another flavor to the title. It compares sleep in value to that of Fort Knox, the universe's fastest spacship and the One Ring, combined. As a Computer Science minor, I can well tell you that the value of a deadline becomes exponentually less important after a certain hour, regardless of how much of your grade depends on it. Interesting thing that. And I'm pretty damn sure that you could experimently show the truth to this after a certain point of almost anything.