Notes:More random violence and the consequences thereof, is the fortunately, end of part of the introduction to the comic. Mr. Snodgers beating people up is not my favorite joke. Hopefully once I have the stage set I'll have room for bigger and better things.

Now, whenever I read this, I think, "What the hell is up with the Blair Witch project?" Well, Mr. Snodgers is playing me in this situation. I love the movie, yet all I hear about it is, "These teenagers are lost in the woods cursing the whole time and we never actually see this witch. Geez, I could pull a better plot out of my ass". I feel like people have missed the point here somehow. The point in the movie is to step back from special effects, step back from the mass killing and gore. What we have here is what would happen to three people if they ran into something totally unknown. They freak out and, yes, they swear because that's what you fucking do when life is crazy. And you would not improvise a fricken a proton cannon out of sticks to blow it's head off. Think that close up scene of her crying isn't attractive? Well it's not supposed to be! Damnit! This isn't about being attractive! Are you so addicted to sex appeal that you can't deal with a scene without it!

Sorry, I'm ranting a bit based on some comedian's take on the movie. It really pisses me off that people think they're witty just because they can go on saying that the movie (just this one in particular it seems) isn't real, and you know it, so it isn't scary. Sometimes I wonder how any movie can be amusing then. Do we assume Aliens is really happening? Nightmare on Elm Street and Child's Play?

Anyway, it's something I'd do differently, if I had it over again. I'd fix it now but it gets complicated when I try to come up with a new gag reason for him to go back. I'd rather work on new stuff then wrack my brain over an old comic.