Notes: So, in this comic I finally get to introduce a new character! As if I need any more of those. But I always enjoy it when a good character design gets to come into play. I realized in doing this that I probably haven't done enough practice sketchs of this character, since she's still a little wavery on what exactly she looks like in certain areas.

More backgrounds than usual in this comic, but I found I needed to express that Jandice had in fact gotten outside, and didn't particularly feel like yelling "Hey! Jandice is outside now!" It'd be a bit rediculous. As it is I ended doing a bit more on them than I intended, but it felt silly to have them appear only to disappear again in the same comic. In all likelyhood they'll stick around for the next one as well. It's not like they're that much trouble to add. Mostly just to keep track of.

So here we get to see a somewhat odd relationship. Racheal is something of a boss, but towards the end we see the shift in that. It'd be hard to define how they interact in one comic. Two will have to do it for now, since I have other people that need attention as well.

One interesting aspect of this strip is that I drew and inked the first four panels of it before realizing that I was working with a partial script, and that I actually need to add two panels to it in various locations to make it work. See if you can spot where!

And for the curious, yes, boiling water is used in the making of tea.