Notes: I'm not entirely happy with the transitions between panels in this comic. I'm not entirely sure what I mean by that in particular, but I have this feeling of jumpiness while reading it. It's a litte better now than when I first put it up (also for having fixed a couple of minor to major errors in it in general). Of course that might be an inevitable side effect of my fooling around in the last panel for no particular reason, other than the image in my head amused me some.

So anyway, plot point here. Maybe some people anticipated it, maybe some didn't. I can't tell. Don't get a lot of feedback from readers like that. And no, it's not just an impromtu thing I came up with in order to keep Jenny in the strip. It didn't come out of something like that, I did end up wanting her to stay in the strip, and eventually having the mental conection of who she most resembaled of my current cast. Things sotra exploded and then pieced themselves together from there. Why only her uncle? Well, you try imagining Snodgers actually Wooing someone. Someone willing to leave their child with him. Someone who has not appeared yet in the strip. It doesn't come together at all well. Uncle means that the issue of her parents is not of imidiate importance, though I have hammered that out too. Actually I got all of this figured out months ago so I've been waiting to be able to get it out. Should be interesting. Hopefully I'll be able to amse while splicing plot together. But we're dealing with Snodgers here so I dn't imagin that s being too hard a problem overall.

Final comment: Guy's line in panel six has varied in having an "a" in the middle of it on and off in my head since I started this. With, it's more gramatically correct. Without it has more of the connotation that I want that he has relitives, more than a nueclear type family.