Notes: More expossion on the part of Jenny. I'm trying to decide how absurd it is to just talk about this stuff, but I'm pretty sure that this isn't too far off of people's personal rants sometimes. I'm not going to go into analysing the actual content of these too much since that is the basic goal of the characters themselves to look at these things. It'd be pretty crappy writting if I could only really get the point across by adding notes on the bottom to explain exactly what this ment to people.

Panel 6 is pretty awkward though. I look at it and cring a bit. But at the same time, Jimmy is streaching a bit to describe what's in his head, so it's not such a surprise that he should be wording things in a less than ideal manner.

Of course at this point I've sorta eliminated everything there is too talk about in this comic. Most of it is just the writting. Anyway, more on Jenny's strange life to come later I suppose. And I suppose Jimmy too. Just when did I become a drama based comic?