Notes: I go through a whole bunch of different thoughts with this one. Part of me likes Jenny as a character since she can flip through things so quickly without thinking about it. It most likely wouldn't make her the most wonderful person to hang out with I'll admit. Some might even call her unstable. Those at a safe distance. BUt *shrug* that's how she's developed in my mind. We'll see if that personality ever settles out.

For whatever reason, panel two amuses me. I can't say why, but it does. Eight is similar, but I thik I could say it's just because it's a nice switch.

As I typically comment on art towards the end, I like that corner I added, even if it was last minute. I love doing wood, I hate doing wood. The texture is fun to do. The texture is a pain in the ass to do. I enjoy it. It's a lot of work. Which puts it pretty far ahead of my feelings about having to draw straight lines over any extended distance.

Part of me worries about this strip turning into a soap opera. But I have to have charatrs talk about crap like this or things are sorta up in the air. Eh, what ya gonna do. ANyway, if the end of this confusses yuo any, then that's probably not a surprise.

I haven't yet figured out why I titled it as I did. I'm almost certain that somewhere at the back of my mind that there was a reason.