Notes: This comic was originally ment to go up right after I got home as sort of an explination for why I not quite met up to my productive expectations in my several day break from pretty much everything. The problem in panel 2 is the one I spent a considerable amount of time trying to decifer. Mostly when I thought I'd have it, I'd realize that I'd once again figured out a way of finding the radius. (warning, this becomes increasingly technical, skip to the next paragraph if you like) Now, this is nice and all, but when you're dealing with warped space the circumference of a circle does not necessarily equal to 2*pi*r. This is... unfortunate, since there's not a lot of equations that solve things in terms of the distance around a circle. Actually after reading through things a number of times I actually found a differential equation for the distance around a circle given a couple pieces of information that . Problem is that I plug things in, and integrate around it, and it still comes out to give me the classical equation for a circle's circumference. At this point though I had spent a couple of days on this though so I decided that I should just give in that somethings that just seem wrong or far too easy might be right, and gave it to him. Besides, I was rathr running out of time to work on it.

So, anyway, once again use the large panel thing. Actually, the largest issue of doing this turned out to be that, while I remembered that I had at some point drawn 'S's shoes at one point, where was another issue. Actually, I think the only place they make an apperence is briefly in So #74, which makes it odd that I'd remember at all.

But anyway, again with the enjoying to draw things really big, so I can have visable details, like under the desk having a bit of my foot, or actually having whole people for once.