Notes: This is sorta my responce to the various stirps I've every read that have on some level it seems been trying to parady the tendency of some cartoonists that just do this, and who come out just seeming like more of the same really. I mean, it's fun to dress characters up a bit once in awhle, and my notebooks bear a good deal of this in them, but in specific, 'like-before-except-now-with-less-clothing' sence it gets a bit off id you ask me. Especially if you're putting it up for your readership.

The point besides this though I suppose is I don't have a real group to really draw off of to do this, even with the increasing percent of female characters in the strip. Partly this would be a result of my having relatively few characters in general I suppose. Still, even of those available, I can't imagine most of them being all that appealing to my audience in that sence. 'S is not really a sex object in any sence. I have doubts that dressing her up as anything could really change that fundamentally. Jenny's a bit young in my mind for most of that nonsence. I can't help that, she just is. And it's not like she's actually that young (I believe in this time period she's 17. I should probably check my notes to make sure I have that straight) but well, she still is in my mind. Nothing much more to say about that. Now, my latest addition stands as a canidate I suppose, but I think it would probably be better to develope her character before I start doing anything like that even if I was so inclined.

Hmm, final comment, this is one of the few times we've intereacted that haven't ended in his inevitable doom.