Notes: Interesting. Bob disappears for awhile, only to become sorta central to my last couple strips here. He just really fits into this role though.

So anyway, when I first came up with the name Jandic, there were a number of aspects of it that escaped me at first. The foremost one was that it was not actually a name. Silly me, it only sounds like one (Janice). However, for whatever reason, that d makes all the world of difference to me. It also does to other people, but then, it also makes people think of the jaundice as mentioned above. Of course, me, being myself, wouldn't mind that as a name either. There's Jandice as described here isn't entirely perfect in my head either. But I'm not entirely willing to spend my days sitting around mummbling the name to myself till the right way of differentiating the two occurs to me. I suppose that ranks as a third problem. It might just be in the end that the difference I want to mke is simply something that no one would ever hear. The fourth aspect to miss me would be that some hour after settling on it finally the fact that it could be shortend to fit the same pattern as Jimmy, and Jenny occured to me. This would be bad. I'm not entirely sure I could live with myself if this happened. Well, I could, I'd just be terribly unhappy though. So do your part and don't start thinking of her that way. Of course if I really wanted to keep it from happening I would have never mentioned it, but I'm surprisingly bad at avoiding trouble that way.

One other thing to note here is the height difference. For awhile I didn't think that there was any way that could be right, I mean, the difference is huge! But, it seems it is correct, and I guess when I think about it, even without that age difference, I have friends that I could toss over my shoulder and carry around like toys. It's just stange looking out of context.

Final note: You should recognise the thing in Bob's hands in the last panel from the last comic.