Notes:This sounds foolish to add, but reading the last So might help you understand this one.

I debated for awhile whether I really wanted to do this strip. Of course the part of me that hates this sorta thing didn't want to do it. Rather the very vocal part of my mind that's been doing a couple of the last strips. This does rather fly in the face of what I've been saying. A little. On the other hand it stays in character as to how I'd liketo react to this happening around me in the strip.

Actually, the bigger problem for me turned out to be that I wasn't entirely sure I wanted Jandice to be acting out the role here. While this comic sprang to mind with her I wasn't certain it was really right. I mean, I have ideas sometimes, but they don't always turn out to be really good ones. Somethings simply don't end up being played out in the course of events. But more to the point, we don't know her very well yet. Whatever I do here is goig to affect people's opinons of her a bit. And I have had at least one of those come up while describing her character and several strips I was thinking to people. The sort of thing gong on in this strip might give you an idea of what those opinions were. I suppose it can be nothing but my duty in this strip to try and justify the way that I see her act. Well, more on that later.

There's an interestng aspect here that's she's my only character so far who can do anything of this sort at all in my mind. Which I suppose gives her a different clasification than any of those that I've had before. This is going to be elaborated a little bit more with time though, and not everything is all that simple in this case. While this is probably as poor a means as any to introduce it, the way this flows from here shold also give us a deeper look into her personality.

Final note: No, this wasn't inspired by lazyness. If anything it's rather distracting being able to do only part of my standerd somebody.