Notes: So, this comic takes a bit of a turn in tone as they will. I suppose I could try and continue a tatic of avoidence of the issue, but it seems to have slipped in without my making much of an effort.

in the end, I have a hard time objecting to anything really. There are things I don't like (read: comics like Penny Arcade or Explotation Now for different reasons) I can find comics with pretty much any sort of content amusing, just so long as they do it well.

On the other hand, I know the comic I want to be doing. And that isn't a smut comic at all. It's just not me at all. Nor is any sort of sexual comic in my mind. For some reason it doen't mesh. Perhaps because I don't really associate myself with anything of the sort at all, in comic and out. Whatever.

This then complicates the matter by my having a character pop up who has that potential, and also in my mind, at least is somewhat open with that. No, I'm not entirely certain how someone like that came into being inside my head.

And dealing with that should be somewhat interesting. So shall be my staging grounds for the next few weeks over this. I know how things won't turn out for certain, either smut comic or romantic comic. Regardless of whatever else happens, I like silliness too much. Besides, with my current cast I hardly have room for either. But we'll see how she ends up fitting in.