Notes: Weirdly enough this also lept into form in my notes.

Now, despite what might be implied through this, I just tend to draw durring class in my notes. And increasingly I've been noticing when I look through them that I have these huge numbers of females from all my series there. (I have only the one posted here, but I have some others brewing in my head)

I think that so far that's because they're the one's really undergoing developement. I'm trying to get the hang of drawing them, and putting various emotions through them. Occationally looking at different ways they could be. It's not really exclusive to them, they've just been the one's I've been introducing of late. Ther was a period where I was doing Santa Carlos in a similar manner.

But this is all coming out rather like justification, which doesn't really suit me. So anyway, in responce: They're interesting to draw. And Jimmy, love him though I do, is basically constructed as a static thing. He doesn't change as you might notice (at least since I finished building habits of drawing him)

Well, maybe he'll get to change again. We'll see.